What To The Slave Is Juneteenth? (In The Spirit of Frederick Douglass)

Juneteenth 2022


AUDIO VERISON (What to a Slave is Juneteenth?)



Ice Immortal Askari, Founder of The Texas Liberation Collective Movement

Ice Immortal Askari, Founder
The Texas Liberation Collective
June 2022
Mr. President, Congress and Fellow Citizens,
Today I call out to you and the masses with as much humility as an enslaved King can muster. I do not profess to possess the proficiency of a paid orator, nor am I a volunteer but a servant of the downtrodden.
A thousand pardons, but from where I’m standing – on the square of truth with a fist full of knowledge – what is the cause for acknowledging and celebrating your Juneteenth holiday? How am I or others constrained by chains to perceive your national observance? What of us? Of the Americon Dream bedazzled with all of the righteous “And justice for all” catchphrases when “Justice for all” is elusive to the Americon Dreamer? Need I confirm emphatically for the civic psyche that no slave desires – and no patriot remains whose forced – to dream about the BILL OF RIGHTS, but to live them?
This calamity is not an oversight of a higher power but the actions of other public citizens empowered by WE THE PEOPLE.
As rueful as it is, you’ve digressed on our demarcation and so we are excluded from the commemoration of your political holiday. Your illustrious autonomy delineating the gaping schism between us. This day for you jubilant, but not exulted on the plantations. The legacy of the Sword of Justice, the Light of Liberty, the Promise of Prosperity and the volition of free will inherited by your ancestors an heirloom still possessed by you, not us. The earth’s water that cleanses you and replenishes your blood, toxic here, yet fit for tears. Juneteenth is your narrative, not ours.
How blind the dreamer to not see the hypocrisy of the political theater of the left who in the age of Black Lives Matter expouses Critical Race Theory on its party marquee while allowing the Exception Clause of the 13th Amendment to stand statuesque as we suffer suffrage and have our First and Second Amendment rights fall to unmarked graves, buried, yet alive like chattels.
And this shameless stench of evil equality is a bipartisan windfall enjoined by the pious party of Lincoln who publicly campaigns in opposition to BLM and CRT albeit complicit in the perpetuation of body brokering and involuntary servitude.
What to the Americon slave is your Juneteenth? In fact, all who’ve become felons and prisoners have become the new Negroes no matter their genealogy and today broadcasts to them in high definition that they are subjugated to a class where every human interaction is a perceived confrontation with someone greater than themselves.

To them, 170 years after Frederick Douglass berated this nation for venerating the Fourth of July during slavery, you are worthy of the same tongue lashing for glorifying a farce holiday and its accompanying political propaganda.
The slaves, especially us down here in Texas, know that even a devil can quote scripture, this is how a slave holding Thomas Jefferson could write the Declaration of Independence; magnanimous words and cruelly antithetical considering one of his wife’s slaves was the product of rape yet her own half-sister who Jefferson went on to sire four enslaved children with.
That same ignoble and nefarious sickness has managed to mutate and thrive in pandemic fashion with free rein from Jefferson’s executive branch to the judicial stem of the Dred Scott decision to Senator Byrd’s KKK populated congressional chambers.
This said, we are conscious that it is fruitless to demand from our oppressors that we be liberated and restored through humanitarian uplift. Instead, we appeal without sugar-coated words, covert campaign slogans, or media manipulated marketing to the tax-paying American public citizens who own the VOTE. Our true Masters.
Do Prison Lives Matter to you who promote anti-bullying, gender equality, women’s reproductive rights, Freedom of Speech and hate crime laws? Tell us then, if you can’t tell a woman what she can and can’t do with her body, how is the same woman on a plantation forced into labor not bullying? Where is the love in that law reflected when juxtaposed with your hate crime laws? I’ve been disciplined on plantations for talking in the hallway, how is it that someone has the right to say that they identify as a different gender than they are biologically, but even with Freedom of Speech, I don’t have the right to say. . .anything without reprisal from a politically incorrect officer?
As your parents, siblings and children we’ve watched with dreary eyes, calloused hands and sagging pride beneath the yoke of pepper spray and A.R. 15’s as you’ve rallied, protested and burned down town squares when you thought you knew why you were doing it. You, the dreamer that wasn’t marching but sleep walking and dreaming that all Americans were free. That dreamt that you were WOKE while your vision was obscured by political programming.
Today, as you assemble at your churches and parks and family residences to sing, dance, imbibe, feast, pray, joke and gleefully celebrate the symbolic occurrence that never occurred, the milestone that was never reached; this token holiday, a political parody that you treasure is fool’s gold. To be politically correct, fake news.
How many times have you voted yet slavery still slithers? If you are not voting for freedom your guilt in our enslavement shocks the conscience, dishonors our forefathers and condemns our progeny while strengthening the ruling class.
And for the plantation slaves who continue to celebrate Juneteenth, you are the most valuable stock. Only your ilk can be trained and trusted to eat from the hands of our captors. If the winds of freedom blew away the fences, walls and razor wire, you’d only lace up your trusty work boots – made from slave labor – to help Massa run down and recapture those of us who’d flee. Some of us innocent, our only true crime being impoverished, low hanging fruit ripe for exploitation.
What we need voted on, repealed, enacted and abolished is:
Prosecutorial Reform including an Oversight Committee
The 13th Amendment Abolished/Repealed (No involuntary Servitude)
A Congressional Review of Rubber-Stamped Indictments
Abolishment of the Death Penalty (Due to extremely high volume of wrongful convictions)
End to Solitary Confinement
Repealing of the A.E.D.P.A. (Especially Time Bar and Subsequent Writ Rules)
Restoration of Voting Rights
20 Year Cap/Max on Life Sentences
Parole and Pardon Reform
Good Time/Work Time Credit Accounted For
Expungement of Felonies After a Certain Period
Thank you for your support with these endeavors to stop our bodies from being stolen and forced into involuntary servitude.
The Texas Liberation Collective Movement
Think  Learn  Teach  Empower

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