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From The Roots to the Branches
Everyone knows that the founders of our constitution were religious and therefore erected this nation on pillars of those tenets. From the roots it would flourish through the three branches of governmental bodies. A government is a political organ of a country or state that yields the sovereign power to create and enforce the laws of the land.
All power must have a power source and WE THE PEOPLE empower chosen citizens by electing them into government where they are sworn by solemn oath into ascendency of offices like the Senate or House of Representatives. WE THE PEOPLE also have the power to revoke their authority to legislate by voting them out of office.
Here is where we go back to the framers of the constitution and realize that since they were our first legislators, i.e. law makers, they were our first lawyers, so this nation was designed by lawyers for lawyers from its roots to the tops and full extent of its three branches. But what exactly is a law?

Social Pressure Backed By Force
We dare not put the cart before the horse by analyzing what a law is before dissecting what a lawyer is. A lawyer is an attorney. (No one scratching their head there). Well, attorn means to transfer (money, goods, etc.) to another. An attorney is 1. Strictly one who is designated to transact business for another. This, because in the courtroom you and I are the money and goods being transferred to another. (Ah, the sound of money and goods scratching their heads all around the country!)
The term also includes activities. . .that require legal expertise, such as drafting legislation and court rules. Very quickly, I’d like to point out that it is both imperative and beneficial for us to pay close attention to the English language and maxims such as: He who makes the rules, rules. . .
Law is the systematic application of the force of politically organized society or through social pressure, backed by force in such a society. It’s also defined as a statute which is a legislative proposal that has been enacted, otherwise known as a bill. Some other definitions of bills are promissory notes and a document that formally charges the accused of a crime. This document is a True Bill, an itemized list of charges; an invoice called an indictment and we spoke on this in great extent in Part I of this series.
Again, you’ll notice the usage of words like notes, charges and bills. All things that have a monetary value/debt attached to them which is why an attorney is strictly designated to transact business. As we explained in Part II of this series, the nation and states are corporations which need to generate funds to function. These corps have workers called citizens who create money (debt) two ways.
One way is taxation, the government (lawyers) taxes the people, property, privileges, occupations and enjoyments of its citizens. Every license is a tax. You want to get married? Pay us. You want to drive? Pay us. You want to braid hair? Pay us. You think you own property? Ha! Pay us. You earned how much? Not so fast, pay us! You don’t and we will force you, enslave you or both.
Fines being the second way to create revenue have penal-ized (criminalized) even civil law in that there are crimes with no victims or injury to property. Jay walking? Pay us. Speeding? Pay us. If you don’t pay us you are charged and go to jail. If you want out of jail, you pay to be released the same way a lien is though this doesn’t mean that you’ve dis-charged your debt to society. You’re still on bond. The bond merely transferred your custody from the offices of the law to that of the surety on the bail bond. This is the second time we’ve seen the word transfer which we learned defined attorn and raises this question: If the citizen is charged and isn’t released on a bail bond, who then does the attorney transfer him to?

The Electric Company
What history has witnessed but no one has taught us is that the nation and its configuration was conceived by lawyers who understood the distribution of power from its source as a conduit.

Political Power is merely the organized power of one
class to oppress another.” – Lord Acton
WE THE PEOPLE are the force that creates something out of nothing. Force is energy, energy is power. Power is money, money is currency. Power moves through currents and if you interrupt the current you get subjected to the action of a charge/discharge. The charge is the law you break and now you owe the bill – a debt to society. If you fail to discharge the charge but continue to struggle with it, the action (current) moves along (is transferred) to a circuit (court) i.e. Court of Appeals.
Some readers may think that we’re trying to go Uniform Commercial Code here, but we’re actually not. The truth of the matter is that WE cannot have a discussion about today’s laws without speaking commercially (fn1) because these laws are business transactions set up to need to be transacted by an attorn-ey.
It is no coincidence that if we look at the most recent occupants of the Executive branch the list is replete with lawyers. Joe Biden, D.A. and Attorney General Kamala Harris, Barack and Michelle Obama, George Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton. The Kennedys. . .it goes on and on.
On a smaller scale, the current Texas Governor Greg Abbott was the previous Attorney General. The prior Governor Rick Perry was also the Attorney General. They were prosecutors but the lawyer/attorneys’ entangled re-presentation when conducting business with (not for) you is a labyrinthine house of mirrors.
In the curious case of Cornell Drummer, a Texas Liberation Collective jailhouse lawyer, his prosecutor became the San Antonio city attorney; his D.A. became a justice in the Court of Appeals 4th District; his judge became the District Attorney. So in the over three decades that he’s been tirelessly trying to establish his innocence, his judge had become the head D.A. and his prosecutor an appellant justice. How and why would society expect Drummer to receive a fair and just appellate review by the same attorn-eys who were partial to his wrongful imprisonment in the first place?
Sadly, in this matrix, Drummer’s case is not unique and when we discuss our cases trust that it is not for self-promotion but because we can place full faith in the facts herein as a case study without question to enlighten the masses.

From Soul to Sold
Maybe this looks familiar to you, here is the Texas slave racket in detail: An ADA had a faux grand jury foreman rubber-stamp what they purport to be an indictment, I was then transferred to an auction bloc overseen by Judge Brian Rains of the 176th District Court; he sold me to Jim Leitner by assigning him to re-present me (fn2) . . .For nine court dates I never stepped one foot into the courtroom until the day we picked the jury. Two and a half days later, I was convicted of Capital Murder and transferred (sold) by Rains again to Terrence Gaiser to re-present me as my folder was transferred to the 14th C.O.A. and I was transferred to a warden through a transfer facility.
There are those of you who will say that our use of terms like “sold”, “auction” and “slave” are extreme and hyperbole, yet we laid the predicate when we dissected the word attorney and here, we bolster our position with empirical evidence that agents of the state like Leitner and Gaiser are not concerned or burdened with the guilt or innocence of a public citizen, only the business of transferring them through the legal labyrinth as expediently as possible.
The Lone Star Chamber of Enslavement is so flagrant that in 2021 the Duke Law Journal published a study by scholars Neel U. Sukhatme and Jay Jenkins titled: Pay to Play? (fn3) The study compiled data from over 260,000 felony cases from January 2005 through May 2018 in Harris County, Texas (where Houston is).
In that jurisdiction the assignment of counsel scheme is supposed to be the “Wheel System”. This is where “private attorneys acting as independent contractors and compensated with public funds, are individually appointed. . .using a system of rotation to provide legal representation. . .to an indigent defendant.” However, whereas the list rotation is the law, it surely wasn’t written in stone because the study found that the Harris County judges, who have to be elected to the court turned auction bloc, award the lawyers (independent contractors) who contribute funds to their campaign more than twice the amount of cases they assign to non-donors; donors generating over twenty-seven times the amount they donated to the so-called judges campaign. (fn4)
Hence, the donors are overwhelmed with a large caseload (stock/inventory) and can only under perform. Since they’re paid based on the number of days they allegedly spend on a case, they are encouraged to sign off on as much inventory as possible daily. Encouraged by self-serving financial ambitions.
The study examined one case where the attorney was paid $125 per day for each court appearance, irrespective of how much time was actually spent on the case. This is why the Jim Leitners buy us from the Brian Rains. When I received my court clerk file I noticed that my court docket sheet falsely reflected that “DEFENDANT (MY NAME HERE) APPEARED IN PERSON WITH COUNSEL. (LAWYER’S NAME HERE)” had been stamped on seven of the pretrial court dates I had though I’d never stepped foot in the courtroom on any of those dates! How many of us have been purchased and then produced/facilitated cash returns for these independent contractors who are actually breaching the contract to defend their clients? I’ve encountered several of Leitner’s victims who’ve informed me that when the state rested its case at trial, Leitner did the exact same thing – rested the defense – though he didn’t call any witnesses to the stand or present any evidence. Sound familiar?
A simple explanation for the (non)defense attorney’s systemic practice of no defense is two-fold: He’s under a double contract with the state. The underlying obligation is to clear the court’s docket; the main reason being that the judge, the ADA and the assigned attorn-ey are all agents of the state so when the state rests, hey, it applies to all agents of the Lone Star Chamber’s charade replete with rubber-stamped indictments for the buying and selling of souls, fraudulent billing for (no) court appearances and worse, a passive and morally bankrupt legislature who writes codes of criminal procedure moreso because of how it sounds rolling off the tongue than to see its citizens’ liberty interests protected.
Question: How is the quid pro quo of one lawyer giving money to another attorney in exchange for lives for profit not human trafficking/slavery?

The Attorney Gene Pool
When an attorney interchanges from the judicial branch to the legislative branch to the executive branch, we don’t expect that his ideologies or world view has reversed, so when someone like Leitner goes from many years in the prosecutor’s office to being a private attorney assigned to defend cases that were bought and paid for, we know he only changed stations, not his heart or prosecutorial mentality which is why after making hundreds of thousands of dollars from his human trafficking arrangement with Rains, he went back to his alma mater: The D.A.’s Office.
One recent study found that “. . .the common career trajectory of the state trial judges in Harris County – moving from District Attorney’s Office to the bench – creates an unseemly collaborative ethos between judges and prosecutors. . .” (fn5) (At least 37 of 47 judges [80%] who signed Findings of Fact [FOF] and Conclusions of Law [COL] encompassed in this study were formally employed by the HCDA’s Office.)
If the judge has a prosecutorial background, as does the defense attorney, he sold you to, this is akin to trial by ambush. This also explains why the judges accept the rubber-stamped indictments, because as prosecutors they also circumvented the grand jury’s independent screening process because their colleagues on the bench permitted the charging of public citizens with void charging instruments.
To add insult to injury, the prosecuting judge who respected the ADA’s rubber-stamped indictment will then himself rubber-stamp and adopt verbatim the ADA’s FOF and COL when the condemned citizen files his post-conviction habeas corpus from a slave plantation. Data shows they do this 95% of the time. (fn6)
The Court of Criminal Appeals will then seal the slave’s fate by accepting the prosecuting judges FOF and COL because of course CCA justices, who are also elected in partisan elections, disproportionately possess prosecutorial backgrounds. (fn7)
It was arbitrary prosecution that stripped the grand juries of their independent function granted by the constitution to hear all testimony and view all evidence in the same spirit that it is prosecutorial misbehavior that rubber-stamps the D.A.’s FOF and COL without having a hearing. This means that chances are that the whole time one has been stored away, as Drummer has for three decades, his case has only been heard by prosecuting lawyers veiled in various agency roles and you=d be sadly mistaken if you thought the Texas Board of Pardons and Parole hasn=t been infiltrated by prosecutors as well.
So the call for prison reform is a necessary battle cry but would only alleviate a symptom of our enslavement. Prison has never preyed upon or removed anyone from society, it only warehouses the stolen bodies of the condemned. What WE THE PEOPLE must force into fruition through social pressure is prosecutorial oversight and legislative accountability to end the Texas buying and selling of human lives.
WE THE PEOPLE must become the V.O.T.E., i.e. Voices of Total Empowerment by cultivating the voting blocs of our friends and family trees to uproot and oust prosecutorial minded attorneys from the branches to acquire equity in freedom by planting unbiased, impartial, unveiled lawyers.
On behalf of the Texas Liberation Collective and all subjects of the Texas Lone Star Chamber, we beseech you, THE PEOPLE, to behead and disembowel this beast as only you can. The ugly truth being that since the government is elected and paid to serve THE PEOPLE, and the government has us enslaved, under the hierarchy of this peculiar institution, who then are the true masters other than you, THE PEOPLE?
Your silence is the only consent they need to continue the theft and brokering of our bodies. You have the might to revoke their authority to fleece us of our labor and unalienable rights; inalienable, unless we’re talking Texas and the Lone Star Chamber of Enslavement.
Please speak up with “a fiery stream of biting ridicule, blasting reproach, withering sarcasm and stern rebuke” in the spirit of Frederick Douglass so that the Exception Clause to the 13th Amendment may be repealed and the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment restored and respected retroactively where the authority and constitutional safeguards provided by the grand jury’s function have been usurped by oppressive governmental prosecution. Until then, What to the Slave is Juneteenth?
In Struggle,
Jerome DeVonni Wilson, Founder
Texas Liberation Collective
Think  Learn  Teach  Empower

1) Erie Railroad VS. Tompkins (304 U.S. 64-92) 1938. Landmark case ruling that because of the U.S. bankruptcy in 1933 the federal law administered in must be private, commercial “law” of the creditor.
3) Ibid.
4) Ibid at page 776
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